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Extreme was the first company to produce the worlds most authentic 360 replica. This was done by moulding off the genuine panels and by doing what only eXtreme do in the kit car world, making the donor car fit the panels not the other way round! By altering the donor car we were able to use the correct panels so you don't end up with short and stumpy, or high car that looks totally out of proportion to the real thing unlike every other Ferrari kit on the market. Its all about dimensions and our car would pass as real car to the naked eye.

This Ferrari Kit is very similar to the Lamborghini Kit in the build although we were able to use far more of the donor cars general components (door hinges, windscreen, rams, standard doors, the list goes on) hence reducing our development costs which is reflected in the lower price.

The Ferrari also did not require extra months of engineering work to manufacture items such as complex hinges, handles, frames, engine mounts, and ram systems.

Ferrari's are one of the most widely copied cars in the kit car industry ranging from the most peculiar to miss shaped and shrunk down types. Some people will settle for these crudely designed monsters in the hope that the average person would never guess or that they may never have the miss fortune of bumping into a real owner whilst driving there car. Ours are different and with a little more work and thinking outside the box we were able to re-create the car to look the way it is suppose too ... stunning in every meaning of the word.

The extreme 360 and 430 can both be completed by the average home builder in around 8 weeks.

What car do you need for the Extreme F360 replica conversion?

A Peugeot 406 donor car (from 1996 to 2004)

Why we used the 406 coupe?

The 406 coupe is the right car to use for lots of reasons. The windscreen is the right size, the wheel base after our alterations is only 1 inch longer than on the genuine car. Note to account for the 1 inch we lengthened the rear of the front wing (fender) where it meets the door. This is the only difference on the full car. Every other panel will still fit on the genuine car.

The Red Car is a Genuine F360, the Yellow Car is the Extreme F360


Why didn't we use the MR2 roadster instead like some of the other Kit Car Companies?

We first attempted to put the 360/430 body on the MR2 roadster (MK 3) . The wheel base is over 6 inches too short and the windscreen is approximately 5 1/2 inches too narrow. There is also the issue that the car is under powered. A new roof would also have to be made but we knew other Kit Car companies had used them so we bought one and this is how it went .

As you can see there was no way the new body was going to fit without major alterations. The side windows are the wrong shape and the windscreen is far too small. The wing mirrors would also end up half way down the doors and the door tops would need to be extended inwards by 4 inches either side to reach the door windows.

If we moved the wings inline with the front wheel, we would have had to extend the bonnet by at least 9 inches. The bonnet would never dip down at the front as far as it would need too, making the bonnet look flat. The car would also not be able to be lowered to the correct ride height with 18 or 19 inch wheels on. Doing the project on the MR2 roadster would only fool the person that knew VERY LITTLE about the 360/430s hence we needed to look for something else.

We tried to fit the panels on an MGF roadster (MGF) but had similar problems. We then started to look at front wheel drive cars the first being the Calibra. This had the correct wheel base but the windscreen was still not wide enough . The engine was too far forward and there was too much at the front of the engine bay and you would be unable to access this area when the kit was fitted. It also had long doors. We also looked at the Ford Cougar but it had an unalterable wheel base, the engine bay had issues one of which was the engine was too high so it meant the bonnet would not fit at the correct slope.

The Celica was next but with similar problems to the Calibra we went on a hunt for a car with the wide windscreen and long wheelbase, and preferably one with a big engine option.

We then found the Peugeot 406 Coupe and never looked back !!

The dashboard of the car is very close to the genuine car and with our interior kit the door panels can easily be made to look like the 360/430 door panel. The car can also be lowered to the correct ride height without upsetting the steering geometry. 

The car is also a big car like the real 360/430 and has all the nice extras people like in a high class cars as standard. It is available with both 2L and 3L V6 engines, the V6 having 210BHP as standard, and with a chip and our exhaust and airfilter, it can produce over 250BHP. Finally although the cars cost over £25,000 new, you can now buy one from as little as £1,000.

The car has its engine in the front which at first you would think this is not right and maybe silly as the engine in a real 360/430 is in the rear, but it has its advantages in that you have 4 seats and a large boot meaning the car is more usable day to day. It can be converted to a 2 seater however with our simple 2 seater conversion pack and fake engine kit. The 406 Coupe was designed by Pininfarina, the same company that designed the 360/430. They also use the well known Brembo performance brakes on the 3L V6.



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