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THE EXTREME Murcielago

What do you get when you buy the extreme Lamborghini Murcielago ?

eXtreme are the only company in the world that have managed to provide a 100% correct replica of this super car, all panels on our replica are interchangeable with the genuine Murcielago and ends up with the correct height, width, length, wheelbase and track. 

Start with a Real car
Produce a Replica Body
Completed Replica Car

We are also able to provide you with every single part to complete your build along with a very in-depth build DVD assisting you right along the full build process. In our option two you receive every bracket, fixing plate, ram, hinge, door handle, cable, suspension fitting, even down to central locking, the list just goes on and on . This enables you to convert your car, without spending weeks months or years searching the internet for bits, this is only possible due to over 3 years worth of development work and our highly skilled engineers who refused to give up until it was complete. Please make a big note that this kit does not contain only the body panels like the ferrari replicas hence the extra cost.. Many people have tried to copy these cars and such as the Diablo over the years but none have succeeded to level Extreme have, Diablo's have been replicated again on space frame chassis and have had a build tag of over £50,000 and a build expectancy of 3 years !!!!

Here at eXtreme we were able to use a donor car without cutting into the chassis to create the most outstanding replica available anywhere in the world, the build is quick easy and can be done at a low cost, take into account a Lamborghini Murcielago wing mirror alone cost over £2000 and a door handle can set you back over £1500 its not surprising we consider our full kit to be great value, our 100% dimensionally correct Murcielago can be built ready for the road for the home builder from £13,000 or from £23,000 fully built by us! That's a £200,000 super car ready to drive with the running costs of a MK2 Toyota mr2 ! if its the engine and noise your looking for and feel you wouldn't be happy with the 350 plus BHP achievable from a mr2 then there are engine upgrades available without going down the expensive space frame chassis route, a v6 v8 or v10 Audi engine can be easily fitted depending on your needs, finally a kit car should be looked upon as a investment choose your car carefully and you will reap the rewards even in years to come, its common sense Lamborghini made only 2700 of these super cars worldwide, price tags were over £200,000 its no wonder the replica of this model will like the countach and Diablo hold is money for years to come.


Lamborghinis have been crudely copied in the kit car world for years, mostly built on highly expensive space frame chassis costing in excess of over £50,000 to build and taking someone  2-3 years to complete.

The cars were made using parts from various cars such as Granada's and Sierras (referred to as vintage cars by some), the most widely copied of course was the Countach. These were done at different levels from the crude attempt that reassembled parkers car of thunderbirds to the higher anniversary types, still plagued with problems and costing thousands to build they became know as one of the worst kit cars ever to build with many people loosing their minds (or wife's) before the car was finished !

All that said these cars still command high prices of between £25 and £35,000 ! Why? Because they are a Lamborghini, plain and simple one of the rarest but most recognized cars in the world, that statement alone speaks volumes.

Due to our replica been built over the MK2 MR2 build times can come down to 10 weeks for a home build and as we have said previously, you also get the reliability of TOYOTA.

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