eXtreme RS Focus Bodykit
RS Focus Replica

Our new kit for 2011 is the latest RS Focus, the kit will fit on a MK2 Focus 2005 onward. Due to the high quality of our panels the kit is a very straightforward replica to build and can be panelled ready for paint in 2 days, please do not confuse our body panels to other panel body kits, these panels are moulded from genuine Ford parts and come in a very high quality fiberglass and are a perfect fit, hence a quick build time.

Our panels are actually stronger and more robust than the genuine Ford panels as the Ford panels are made from only plastic and not like ours in fiberglass GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The only panel needed from Ford is a MK3 bonnet, second hand would obviously be cheaper starting from 50, RS interiors can also be obtained second hand for around 1000.


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