eXtreme Sportscars - Shipping
Murci Crate
Plywood Packing Case with Steel Frame

We use this type of case for all kits. Typical door to door prices;

355 / 360 / 430 - Case size 2.2m x 1.6m x 1.3m - Weight 250KG

  • Europe - £750
  • USA / Australia / Asia - £1250

Murci - Case size 4m x 2m x 1m - Weight 500KG

  • Europe - £850
  • USA / Australia / New Zealand / Asia - £1500


  1. These are given as a guide only. Before ordering please request an accurate quote.
  2. If you live near a major international shipping port or you are prepared to collect the crate from the port yourself then you can often save hundreds of pounds.
  3. These prices include the cost of the case.

Murci in a Container


Container / Car Transporter

Completed cars travel either in a shipping container or on an enclosed car transporter. Typical Prices;

Europe - £1000

USA / Australia / Asia - £2000

Again these prices are given as a guide only.

Cardboard Carton
Cardboard Carton
Smaller components are packed in cardboard cartons and shipped by courier.
Pallet / Packing Case

We use pallets for sending items like wheels etc which can be easily strapped down. For body panels, windows, etc we pack them in a plywood case.


Box Van
Depending on the quantity of materials we are supplying we may bring it to you directly in one of our own vans or via a sameday courier.


Car Transporter

Completed or part completed cars are brought to you on a car transporter.

For the UK we use a local car transport company.

For Europe we use Premier Fleet Services.

Premier Fleet Services